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Adorable Maybelle will chew something valuable as soon as your back is turned. may CU
may run snow Maybelle runs along the driveway through a couple inches of snow.
Maybelle stoping to look for a target on a snowy morning. may stand snow
may first day

Maybelle was aquired from a shelter in West Houston called C.A.P.

She was quiet and laid back while the other dogs were wound up and loud. She was wearing the bandana when she was brought her home, it was gone by the end of the day.

Maybelle likes to roll around and lay in the grass when it is hot outside. May in grass
May running She is quick and can outrun a Chihuahua. She can outrun a golf cart and a Chihuahua in a golf cart.
Does this seem wrong? It is wrong because the big bed is for the big dog and the small bed is for the small dog. may in small bed
may and sancho Maybelle and Sancho play-fight all the time. Don't get in the middle or you will get slobbered on.
While she prefers the grass or the couch she can relax anywhere. May on floor
May and tickles Maybelle and Miss Tickles wait for their food. All four animals get fed at the same time, it is a festive time every night.
Maybelle is either running or resting. Here she rests on a wool blanket she commandeered from the cats. may curlled up