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Sancho and Ragnar face off. They both like to play but not at the same time. sancho ragnar
sancho dance snow That is no Yettie, it is Sancho the Chihuahua playing in the snow.
Sancho at full speed in a couple inches of snow. sancho run in snow
sancho first day Here is Sancho the first day he appeard in my backyard. He was scrawny, un-nutered and that coller had cut into his neck fur.
Sancho holds his ears up at attention when he wants to find out something. Sancho was about 5-6 years old when he chose to invade my backyard. sancho ears up
sancho lay down Here he relaxes and wonders why someone is taking his picture while he is trying to rest. After this he began to bury himself under the blankets.
The little Chihuahua gets under the blankets on his own by tossing them over himself. He loves to lick fabric and his breath is wretched. sancho tounge
may and sancho Sancho and Maybelle stand off before chasing each other around the yard.
Sancho bites Maybelle as the two fight on the couch. His bites are never strong. His main defense is to yelp loudly. sancho bite
sancho teeth He looks terrifying but Sancho is a gentle little dog. He will pick play fights with Maybelle who is four times his size.
Little Sancho has met his match against Smokey, the German Shepard, who just wants to play. Sancho smokey
sancho ears down Sancho keeps it real.
Some videos of Sancho are available on Youtube

Sancho and Maybelle play in the 100-plus degree June sun in Houston. Watch Sancho do the belly crawl. SanchoSun video

It snowed in Delaware in mid December 2009. Sancho went out and played in it like he was a huskey. SanchoSnow video