U.S. 59 or “The Southwest Freeway” takes people from Sugarland to Downtown Houston.
See those cars in the lane between the divider and the yellow line; they are not supposed to
be there that is for emergency vehicles.  There are a lot of people in Houston who don’t
care about the rules or other people. 


A stuffed buffalo in a barbeque restaurant seems sad probably because no one is allowed
to ride him even though he has that saddle on.


Fiesta means party in Spanish.  This grocery store chain is not really a party; it just has lots
and lots of stuff in it.  Stuff you would not imagine finding at a grocery store, like gold teeth.
You can buy the gold teeth and then wear them to a party.  FIESTA!

taco truck

Taco truck.


The Astrodome


Something in the leaves disagrees with this man’s respiratory system.  Do you like that little tractor?

med center

The Chase Tower (below left) is the tallest building in Texas.  From the observation floor you can see
the Medical Center with Reliant Stadium behind it. (above) and down Travis and Milam streets in
Downtown Houston. (below right)

chase downtown


This is the Williams Tower (formerly Transco) in the Galeria area of Houston.
Land is cheap and abundent in Houston. Why do they need to build huge
towers and then charge employees to park. In other citys it makes sense
but not in Houston.