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Miss Tickles
Thundercleese and Miss Tickles curl up in a new cat bed. thun 3
thun 2 Miss Tickles and Thundercleese harass Joey Black Nuts as he tries to eat. Poor Joey had to fight the scavengers off every meal.
Thundercleese and Miss Tickles look out the window at The Lazy Lizard. He looks back at them confident in the strength of the glass. thun 1
tickles close young A young close up of Miss Tickles, a calico. Miss Tickles and her Brother Thundercleese were found in my friend Terry's back yard in Houston. I set a humane trap from the SPCA baited with tuna and captured them.
Miss Tickles is wearing a cast because she got stepped on. She had to live in a cage for six weeks while unsupervised to keep her from climbing. She was only about four months old when this happned. Tickles cast
tickles posed John Sullivan took this picture. Miss Tickles looks perfectly posed, showing off her cast which has been "tagged" by a criminal calling himself SOAP.
A grown Miss Tickles enjoys the warmth of a CRT monitor. The recent popularity of LCD's has not pleased the portly calico. computer
tickles in a basket Miss Tickles is siting in a laundry basket. Her nose is hiden behind the rim of the basket.
There is her nose, see, you thought it was gone but it is still on her face holding her whiskers in place. tickles looking up
tickles on counter Miss Tickles sits on the counter. Her eyes are glowing because of a light trick. GET OFF THE COUNTER TICKLES!
Exposing her big belly. Miss Tickles plays in the vertical blindes. tickles sideways
tick on door Miss Tickles tries to climb the door to the pantry where her food is kept. She loves her food. If food were just left out for her she would eat until full. Sit in front of it until she had more room and then repeat.
Miss Tickles is sitting on the bathroom sink next to the toilet she was trained to use. It took eight weeks to train the cats to use the toilet and they did it for one weekend, then decided to use the bathtub instead. tickles on sink