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Thundercleese uses his sister to keep his head warm. tick 3
tick 2 Something amazing is going on outside this window in Bothell, Wash. Miss Tickles and Jack seem unintrested.
Thundercleese and Miss Tickles sleep on the rear sill of the car on a long trip. tick 1
thunder on chair Thundercleese was captured in a trap with his sister, Miss Tickles, in 2003. This is an early picture of him sitting on a green chair.
Young Thundercleese enjoys a drink from the toilet. That is so nasty Thundercleese. thunder on toilet
thunder angry Something has put Thundersleese on high alert. His fur is all puffed out and he is moving in for the kill.
Thundercleese relaxes in the TV cabinet always keeping an eye on things. Most of the time he is hiding somewhere. thunder in cage
thunder in plastic box Safe and secure in his plastic box, Thundercleese enjoys the aroma of some size 15 sandals that are routinely worn to mow the lawn.
A close-up of the regal and fierce Thundercleese. WAKE UP! Thundercleese. thunder looking
thunder blindes Thundercleese stretches out to peer out the window. He is most likely watching Ghost Cat on the porch. This is a good shot of Thundercleese's orange striped tail.
The Cable box is kept warm by Thundercleese on a chilly Houston day. thunder on cable
thunder in cat house Thundercleese enjoys the outdoors in his costom-built cat house with Miss Tickles and Joey Black Nuts.
The fascinating Thundercleese sits in a window at the apartment in Bothell, Washington. On the other side of the window is the sound of cars and trucks zooming down I 405. The sound was soothing to the cats, like a river of steel and concrete. thunder in window