Playing With Mud

The mission of the Gyre is to determine the fate and effect of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
on macro and mico benthos; any life on or in the ocean floor.

See some warning signs from the boat HERE

We sample mud from the sea floor of the Gulf of Mexico.
The sea floor is thousands of meters deep.
Meters are how scientists and people in other countries measure stuff.

We don't have anyone who can go down to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico with a bucket and get the mud so we use a research vessel and equipment.

gyre bridge

The Bridge of the Gyre. From left to right; Jason, Jack, Nick, Shorty up on the bridge, and Jacob.



3,000 meters of Plasma Rope.



Empty tube holders, there is a valve on the top to seal in the water from the floor and a guilotine at the bottom to hold up the mud for the journey back up.


empty tubes

Empty cores soon to be filled with mud.


empty on deck

The Multicorer mud extraction device.


empty work

Liz, John and Julian make adjustments before the drop.


empty going down

Multicorer you go down there and don't come back until you are full of mud.



Multicorer comes back full of mud.


full coming up

Paul and Art bring the full cores onto the deck.


full cores

Perfect cores with clay on the bottom, sloppy mud in the middle and cold water from the deep on the top.



The plunger pushes the mud out of the tube.


the mud

A cross section of the core.


bag of mud

A bag full of hazardous materials.