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Savannah, Georgia

In March of 2009 I visited Georgia's northern coast. I got some shots in Brunswic and then went to Savannah.

building This is the Old City Hall in Brunswick, Ga. It was 3:25 when I took this picture.

This is the beach on Tybee Island. The Atlantic Ocean is frigid in March. atlantic ocean

fort These canons tried to guard the Savannah River from the Union during the Civil War but the North took Fort Pulaski on Cockspur Island after a couple day's seige.

A set of statues commemorates Confederate soldiers at a monument in Forsythe Park in the middle of Savannah. statue

park fount The Forsythe Park Fountain was built in 1858.

Spanish moss hangs out in most of the trees in Savannah. park

house This old ivy covered house sits across from one of the parks in the city.

A large Presbyterian church on Oglethorp Ave. This picture was taken at 3:55. church

theater The Savannah Theater does not have an IMAX screen.It does not need an IMAX screen, all it needs is love.

Take exit 67 off Interstate 95 and you may find the Smallest Church In America. Ed is standing next to the church and he in an average sized man. The sign may or may not tell the truth, here are some other small churches. church